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Our Story

Carlone has always tried its best to provide value added transport, whether that has been in the overall service we provide or the vehicles we supply.  Friendly, Affordable, Reliable  have always been synonymous with the Carlone brand and I am very proud of that reputation built and sustained over two generations, we have changed some things over the years but we like to think only for the positive.

Friendly Affordable Reliable & Sustainable 

An Idea Is Born

'Sustainable Transport' has always been a buzzword in our industry, it is not just about financial cost versus generated income.  It takes all negative impacts into consideration and balance's against the positives, 'Social, Financial, Climate, Environmental'  are all considered and where possible steps implemented to minimise the negative areas of the required Transport.  Like most companies in our industry we invest in our Sustainable Transport model in various ways, and always consider the general impact our services will have, even a small change can create huge results .

Lost / Dead Miles

Any Company in the Transport sector will have 'Wasted, Lost, Dead miles' it is an unfortunate​ by product of moving vehicles around, we all try and mitigate this even if it is only for the financial rewards of not traveling empty

Carlone provides mainly regular contracted vehicle movements and we have a very good vehicle tracking system, over the last year I really took the time to analyse and log our movements especially 'Out of Service' or 'Empty'.  It really shocked me with how many miles we waste, and I started really looking at things differently to solve this issue. 

Carlone is actively looking at ways to add value to our Sustainable Transport Model and all we ask from you is communication!  We have recently used this strategy to start multiple daily passenger movements at hardly any cost financially or environmentally, because we opened up communication with a few people and between us turned these empty journeys into important passenger movements. 

I'm not saying we can do this for everyone, but we have lots of possibilities so if you have any ideas of regular passenger movements we could interwork or add value to, or something we could work together and start from scratch!  Knowing we are going to keep pushing this model will give you peace of mind, we are always looking to improve our network and add value and save costs for all our customers.  Please drop me a message it can't hurt!  

Vehicle Matching

We make huge savings on our overall impact by matching the correct vehicles to a service, the negative effects of carrying 16 passengers in a Minibus are considerably lower than the same passenger load in a full sized "Bus".  

Road Wear, Noise, Emission pollution and Fuel usage are all factors and the savings are massive especially after a full day on the road. Minibuses, Buses, Taxis all have a place when it comes to Sustainable Passenger Transport it is our responsibility to analyse the data and put the right vehicle on the correct job.  You wouldn't expect your home delivery to come in an Artic?, Just a thought!

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