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Our 442 Service

Carlone Limited and 442 our flagship service. Browse this page for more information.

Our 442 Service 

Carlone Limited in Lyne, Surrey thanks Heathrow Airport and Surrey County Council for giving us the opportunity to run this route.  Since December 2016, we have seen three brand new vehicles enter service and a huge growth in passenger numbers.

Our 442 fleet consists of three EVM low floor Mercedes-Benz Sprinters. All three are Euro 6 and conform to DDA compliance just the same as a “Big Bus.” There are a few differences, we get 24 mpg and have a considerably lower impact on the environment, not just with emissions, noise pollution and road wear which are all huge factors.

We can also nip through residential and narrow roads without fuss or causing congestion or nuisance and all without compromise on specification, we are also able to provide services where other vehicles just cannot access safely. This can be accomplished at a lower overall cost.

Should all bus routes have small buses? Of course not, but we have proved they have a place and could well be the best option in many cases.

Why not give us a try Staines to Heathrow is only £3 single we accept contactless payment or cash.

Bread Van? You Decide

  • Entry Height 27 cm
  • 120 cm Door Rapid Sliding With Main Door Wheelchair Access in Seconds
  • 16 Seats Most Fitted With Three Point Seat Belts + 9 Standees
  • Front and Rear Air Conditioning
  • Front and Rear Heating
  • Double-Glazed Windows
  • USB Charging Ports
  • Full-Sizes Destination Equipment
  • Low Floor Section 6 Passenger Seats
  • Luggage Space
  • Stop Buttons
  • Assistance Call Buttons Inside and Out
  • Contactless Payment option
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